She's gone. Oh why? What Went wrong?

Drawn flowers in an abstract manner as decor | Ruff Details Images

That link is gone, shoot.

Hey there, Cynthia here, I've been blogging for over a decade now. My former blog, Darling Down South was an homage to my post graduate coming of age from Southern sorority girl to metropolitan leading lady.

When I migrated my site from Darling Down South to Ruff Details I had to make the tough decision not to migrate some stories, which is maybe how you ended up on this page.

If that's the case, I'm sorry to say that page is gone (gonna have to learn how to face it) but I do have heaps of other stories that you may find interesting.

You can choose your own adventure below.

Cynthia Ruff Ruff Details Blog

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Cynthia sitting on a chair | Ruff Details ImagesTable shot with some flowers | Ruff Details ImagesCynthia posing in front of a mirror with text on top | Ruff Details ImagesOrange sofa in a decorated room | Ruff Details ImagesPlace set at a table with a menu card and a glass of white wine | Ruff Details ImagesBlue Flower illustration | Ruff Details Images